How To Create A Facebook Page For Your Business in 2022

You can easily create a Facebook page if you have a Facebook account. There are two types of Facebook pages: a general page and a business page.

What is a Facebook Page?

Facebook is a popular social media platform that connects people globally and allows them to share information and news with friends and family. Your typical Facebook Profile limits the user to 5,000 friends. Therefore, this page type is unsuitable for businesses because most will want more than 5,000 people to engage with their Facebook page.

วิธีสร้างเพจ Facebook 2022

A Facebook Page is great for businesses as it allows them to share public content to promote themselves. The distinctive difference between this and a typical Facebook profile is that people can view your content without adding you as a friend, and the number of followers you can have is unlimited. 

Therefore, it is a great tool to build awareness for businesses or influencers.

Another main selling point of a Facebook page is the variety of templates you can use, depending on your page’s purpose:

  1. Services: designed to help businesses offering services
  2. Business: designed for businesses and organisations
  3. Venues: designed for places such as shopping malls, museums, and others with set operating times
  4. Non-profit: designed for non-profit organisations
  5. Politicians: designed for politicians or political parties
  6. Public Figures: designed to promote celebrities, influencers, bloggers etc.
  7. Restaurants & Cafés: designed for restaurants and cafés. Provides a menu function and operating times
  8. Shopping: designed to list online products on your page
  9. Video Page: designed to show video content mainly
  10. Standard: the general template for all purposes

Note: you can change your template later if you wish to.

How Do I Create a Facebook Page?

วิธีสร้างเพจ Facebook

  1. Access
  2. Fill in the page information such as page name, category, and description
  3. Click “Create Page”
  4. Upload a cover photo, add a profile photo, create a Username and then adjust the page information

รูปแบบ Template สร้างเพจ Facebook

As mentioned before, you can adjust your template at any time. Simply:

  1. Click Settings in the Menu tab on the left of the page 
  2. Click Templates and Tabs
  3. Click Edit in the Templates section
  4. Choose your preferred template

Now you know exactly how to create a Facebook business page in 2022. The process has barely changed; however, you may have noticed that Facebook has changed its company name to Meta. It updates its algorithms regularly, so it’s important to watch important updates.