Local SEO: How it can help you rank on the first page of Google

A local SEO strategy is another way to increase visibility for your business by using long-tail keywords and promoting your business location.

SEO might boost your ranking on Google, possibly even to the first page, if you know what you’re doing. But local SEO is an important tool for increasing your business’s visibility when people search for your business type and location. It allows your business to be found in local search results and boosts your website’s ranking.

Local SEO คืออะไร

What is Local SEO?

The definition of local SEO is using techniques to optimise your online or offline business so that it is visible in local search results. For example, if someone searches for ‘Plumbers in Bangkok’ and you are a plumber in Bangkok, local SEO can make sure that you appear in the search results. 

Google’s local business function allows businesses to show their location on the map, photos, reviews from customers, phone numbers, and other details. Furthermore, customers can click to visit the website, get directions, or read your reviews. 

Moreover, Google Business Profile allows you to highlight information to make your business stand out from the competition. For example, you can choose: 

  • Business category + province + location = Coffee shop, Nan and Riverside
  • Business category + industry + location = Factory, Ice and Samutprakarn
  • Business category + location = Barbershop and Kaset
  • Business category + country = Agency and Thailand

Why should businesses do local SEO?

Local SEO massively helps small businesses by increasing visibility among local customers and bringing them to you. Local SEO will help Google rank your business when people search for specific keywords and your area. The location is the main keyword needed for you to appear in local searches.

Additionally, when people do local searches in Thailand, it’s important for them to see the shop name, phone number, location, and customer reviews as it influences their purchase decision and increases their level of trust in your business.

เทคนิคในการทำ Local SEO

Local SEO Tips

Business information needs to be added to your Google Business Profile (previously known as Google My Business) to increase the visibility of your business. Primal’s top tips:

  • Choose popular keywords that are familiar to the local customers, which will help them to find you.
  • Complete all the Google Business Profile information, such as operating times, the address, phone number, product or service details, map location, and customer reviews.
  • Drop a pin on Google Maps for your location, even if there is no physical address for people to visit.
  • You can do local SEO in every province even though your business may not be located there.
  • Long-tail keywords are important for local SEO.

Local SEO is essential for small local businesses to increase their visibility and optimise their website to rank higher and build a strong brand presence on search engines.