LINE VOOM: A New Platform that Brands and Content Creators Need to Know About!

Recently, some LINE users may have noticed that their LINE Timeline was replaced with a triangle icon, similar to a play button. This is VOOM, a new platform where you can enjoy photos, short videos and various content on LINE, the popular chat application that provides services that support our daily life. VOOM is an interesting platform for brands to try if they want to increase their online presence in the chat commerce world.

Of course, you may have questions, like what interesting features does VOOM have? And how can you use it to benefit your business in this digital age? Let’s explore the answers through this article!

LINE VOOM คืออะไร


LINE VOOM is a short video platform on the LINE app. “VOOM” is derived from 3 words: video room, visual room, and boom, to represent a platform on which users can share their own video content. In the age where short-form videos markedly “boom”, VOOM has created a stir by turning its direction from a chat application to a social media space with the best parts of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok combined.

How Does LINE VOOM Differ from Timeline?

Previously, Timeline allowed you to follow updates from friends and official LINE accounts. Now it has been updated to LINE VOOM, a triangle icon in the middle tab, with content displayed in 2 sections: For You and Following.

  • For You is video recommendations based mainly on your watch history to serve you content of interest and extend your time on the platform. You can follow any creators you like, but you can’t send them messages, so there’s no need to worry about privacy for both creators and viewers.
  • Following is pretty much similar to the former Timeline. It is a feed where you can see posts of the accounts you have as friends or follow.

Content on LINE VOOM

Although the main purpose of LINE VOOM is for short-form videos, it is essentially a social media platform on a chat app, so you can actually post various kinds of content, for example:

  • Photos
  • Text with background
  • GIFs
  • Maps/locations
  • LINE stickers
  • Coupons and questionnaires from LINE OA 


What Makes LINE VOOM Stand Out from Other Platforms?

A Variety of Content, Plus Exclusive Content for K-Pop Stans

Despite being a newcomer to the short-video scene, one of LINE VOOM’s highlights is the different types of content it supports. It’s not limited to videos sharing daily routines, influencer reviews, and content from shops or brands that you follow, but also creative content related to cooking, dancing, comedy, pets, or even ASMR. And only available on LINE VOOM is exclusive content for K-Pop fans!

One Stop Service: Various Services Gathered in One App

The LINE app provides almost everything its users need. Thai users use LINE for texting, news updates, shopping online, purchasing Skytrain tickets, as well as using it as an e-wallet. With various services provided in one app, users can access LINE VOOM seamlessly, enjoying entertaining videos and other activities within the same app they already use every day.

How to Use LINE VOOM for Marketing

LINE VOOM is designed to be easy to use, so it has a high potential to reach many customers. In addition, nowadays people tend to purchase through the Chat & Shop service and follow shop accounts on LINE. Therefore, your business should not miss out on using this new platform to build brand awareness and drive sales.

Steps to Set Up Your LINE VOOM

Shops or businesses that want to establish their presence on LINE VOOM can easily set up or connect their accounts using these simple steps:

  • Tap the LINE VOOM icon and then tap the profile picture on the top right.
  • To use LINE VOOM, you need a LINE OA (Official Account). You can sign up for a new one or simply connect LINE VOOM to your existing Official Account.
  • Now you are ready to post your first content!

What Role Can LINE VOOM Play in Your Marketing Strategy?As LINE VOOM is a primarily short-form video platform, to use it for business purposes requires some special techniques to get it right. For example, we recommend that you:

  • Choose the right hashtags to get more reach.
  • Stay up to date on what kind of videos are popular on this platform and the trending topics relevant to your target audience.
  • Consistently post content and occasionally reply to comments.
  • Launch a challenge campaign that your audience would want to join in and share with others.
  • Create valuable content and tie in your products with your videos.
  • Make sure your content on VOOM is connected and aligned with your brand’s chat channel.

Now you have fully explored what LINE VOOM is and the business opportunities it presents. If you need an expert team to help you research, plan, advertise and assess your results to improve your strategy, you can contact our LINE marketing specialists here.