The Secret Online Marketing Tools SEO Specialists Need to Know About!

Many businesses these days are keen to do SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to get their website ranked on Google’s first page organically. Therefore, many are searching for digital marketing tools that can help them with the techniques and methods required to carry out SEO effectively. One of the most popular questions is: “can we do SEO ourselves?” and our answer is simply, “yes”.  

However, SEO is a very detailed process that requires continuous improvement. It also needs knowledge of various fields, including many technical elements, which is why most people choose to hire an agency to do the job. 

The online marketing tools that we will be talking about in this article are all technical tools for SEO (some of them can be adapted for other online work as well). It’s worth noting however that not all of them are free if you want to use them to their full potential. These tools can be useful for companies with their own internal online marketing team, agencies and individuals who perform SEO themselves. 

screaming frog capture เครื่องมือทำ seo


An online marketing tool that performs an overall assessment of your website by collecting and analysing the website’s URLs to help you improve your website e.g. page title, meta description, alt tags, duplicate content, etc. This analysis will help to make your website more SEO-friendly. It can be used for free but is limited to 500 URLs per website, if you want more then you will be charged. If you are interested, you can CLICK HERE 

Pagespeed insights สำหรับวัดความเร็วเว็บไซต์


A free tool from Google that lets you check website page speed with web diagnostics. Quality scores are given as follows: 0 – 49 = Very Bad, 50 – 89 = Needs Improvement and 90 – 100 = Good. However, factors including internet speed during the test and the browser you use can also affect your score. So don’t be surprised if you do the same check multiple times and the data doesn’t match!

Other than determining your score, the system will also inform you of which elements of your site need to be modified by giving you the current status and performance of your website. If you are interested, you can CLICK HERE


Similar web capture เครื่องมือการหาคู่แข่งบนโลกออนไลน์


An online marketing tool that gives you website insights, including those of competitors. Simply enter the desired URL and the system will show results including websites that are similar to that URL. Moreover, Similar Web can also help with keyword planning for SEO, since the results shown will be comparing similar websites, so it can help you see the overall picture and elements that could be improved within your own website.

If you are interested, you can CLICK HERE


Accuranker capture เครื่องมือ seo หา keyword


A digital marketing tool that helps track the keywords used to search for your website. The results can be filtered to look at a certain period of time. It will show you the ranking information for your website, with data graphs for each keyword so that you can determine the effectiveness of that word in a given period. It is very useful for keyword analysis and to decide if you should revise or adjust anything based on the results shown. 

If you are interested, you can CLICK HERE


semrush capture, SEO tools for SEO and backlink


SEMRUSH is an online marketing tool that will help you analyse keywords and your competitor’s content. It arranges the data in an orderly manner, making it easier to digest and analyse.

If you are interested, you can CLICK HERE.


Ahrefs capture, SEO tools for SEO and backlink


AHREFs is a digital marketing tool that allows you to get a quick overview of your website’s performance. It is also an important digital marketing tool for inspecting your website’s backlinks because it can tell you which websites are referring to your website, and it allows you to check the performance of competitor websites too. Furthermore, the tool can be used to perform keyword research as well.

If you are interested, you can CLICK HERE.


Google Search Console capture


Google Search Console provides an overview of your website’s performance. It can compare results from different time periods, and also show you how many Clicks/Impressions you had at that point in time. Plus it will show you the ranking position of your website at that time. Moreover, it can separate the data by device and the country of visitors. It can also point out errors that need fixing and recommend modifications to improve your site and pave the way for Google bots to crawl your site, which will help with your Google ranking as well.

If you are interested, you can CLICK HERE.


Google analytics capture


An online marketing tool similar to Google Search Console. However, Google Analytics is mostly used for web audits, to measure the performance of your website in detail. You can also see a real-time report of who visited your website, and where they came from (country, city, device used to access), all of which can be viewed in detail in the Audience/Acquisition and Behavior section.

If you are interested, you can CLICK HERE.

All of these tools are useful for digital marketers conducting SEO. They may not get your website to the first page of Google but they will definitely make your SEO work easier!