How “Lahn Mah” Reached 100 Million Views in Just 4 Days

Remember when you just had to see a movie because everyone was talking about it? That’s exactly what happened with “Lahn Mah,” or “How To Make Millions Before Grandma Dies” – the Thai comedy that took the country by storm. It wasn’t just funny; it was a box office phenomenon raking millions and leaving audiences in stitches. But how did a local film achieve such incredible success in such a short time? Let’s peek behind the curtain and see the clever marketing strategies that made “Lahn Mah” a 100-million-view sensation in just four days!

 How To Make Millions Before Grandma Dies

The “Lahn Mah” Masterplan

“Lahn Mah” didn’t just get lucky; the film’s team crafted a brilliant marketing strategy that reached all corners of Thailand. Here’s how they did it:

Friend Power: Influencer Marketing

We all trust our friends’ recommendations. “Lahn Mah” tapped into this by partnering with popular Thai influencers. These social media stars, with their massive followings, promoted the film with hilarious skits, reviews, and behind-the-scenes glimpses. Suddenly, everyone on social media buzzed about “Lahn Mah,” making it impossible to ignore.

Back to Basics: Offline Media

While social media is king, “Lahn Mah” didn’t forget the power of traditional marketing. Eye-catching posters popped up on billboards and bus stops. Funny TV commercials had viewers laughing out loud. Even newspapers and magazines were filled with “Lahn Mah” news. This offline blitz ensured everyone, young and old, knew about the upcoming comedy.

Content is King: Building Buzz with Content Marketing

The “Lahn Mah” team knew they needed to keep the audience hooked long before the release. They created a steady stream of online content, from hilarious trailers and bloopers to interviews with the cast and crew. They even released short web videos that gave fans a taste of the film’s humour. This constant drip-feed of content kept “Lahn Mah” fresh in everyone’s minds.

The Perfect Timing and a Dash of Publicity Stunts

Timing is everything, and the “Lahn Mah” team knew it. They strategically released the film during a holiday weekend, maximising potential viewers. But they didn’t stop there. They created a clever publicity stunt that had everyone talking. Remember when GDH, the production company behind “Lahn Mah,” announced all their employees were taking leave on April 4th? It was an elaborate prank to promote the film’s release date, which fell on the same day! This playful stunt generated massive online buzz and free publicity.

More Than Just Millennials: Targeting the Elderly Market

“Lahn Mah” wasn’t just for young adults. The film cleverly targeted the elderly demographic as well. They cast veteran actors beloved by older audiences and released special promotional materials that resonated with their interests. This multi-generational approach broadened the film’s appeal and ensured packed cinemas across all age groups.

Word-of-Mouth Magic: Making Everyone a Promoter

The best marketing is often free – positive word-of-mouth. “Lahn Mah” encouraged this by hosting exclusive early screenings for critics and influencers. The overwhelmingly positive reviews that followed only fueled the excitement. Additionally, interactive initiatives on social media platforms encouraged fans to share their thoughts and experiences, creating a viral buzz that drove ticket sales even higher.


The Takeaway: Lessons from “Lahn Mah”

“Lahn Mah” is a masterclass in film marketing. It combined the power of social media influencers with the reach of traditional media. They used creative content to keep audiences engaged and cleverly utilised strategic timing and publicity stunts to generate hype. Finally, they ensured the film resonated with everyone by targeting a wider demographic and encouraging positive word-of-mouth.


lahn mah How To Make Millions Before Grandma Dies

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