Digital Marketing Trends to Keep Your Eye on In 2016

As we begin winding down the monstrous digital year that has been 2015, all the marketing experts are looking towards 2016 to show them what they can expect to see dominating their business and newsfeeds. While the power to market your brand online only continues to get bigger and bigger, there is no denying that the rate at which technological trends and consumer habits change keeps us on our toes. For this reason, we’ve compiled a few of the top marketing techniques that will come knocking on your door next year- and if you know what’s good for your business, you better answer.

It’s not a soapbox, it’s a dinner party

Okay, that may sound a little dramatic but it’s not entirely incorrect. 2015 was the year where Google announced that mobile traffic overtook desktop, and it’s showing no signs of easing up as we roll into the New Year. With the leading search engine unveiling its mobile algorithm for the first time, it’s clear to see that they’re expecting this medium to continue growing exponentially, meaning that mobile-based content is what we should all be looking towards in order to make our marketing campaigns successful.

It’s hard to imagine a time when Google won’t be the internet overlord, but as social media giants like Facebook begin to test the waters by creating their own search engine, it’s possible that we’re about to see a change in the tide. The integration of search capabilities into websites where it’s already possible to chat to friends and buy products means that marketing companies can start to develop comprehensive experiences for their consumers using just one site.

Again, possibly a slight exaggeration. It may not be all about video, but it’s predicted that we’ll see consumers accept ads via moving image more and more in 2016. This has been backed up by Google becoming involved with SERP video advertising, indicating that they expect a valuable shift to video-based ads sometime in the future.

With digital marketing, as with anything in the online world, it’s impossible to predict exactly what will happen next and the effect it will have. Regardless, as we ring in 2016, it’s important to pay attention as much we can in an attempt to keep our marketing strategies relevant and successful.

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