20 Jobs AI that Can’t Replace

Nowadays, technology has become a massive part of our lives, especially with the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in numerous jobs and industries. This is starting to affect people, as some organisations try to cut their headcounts to save on wages and invest in AI instead. Even brands that hire human influencers to promote their products are now using or considering virtual influencers. As a result, more and more people are becoming concerned about whether or not AI could replace them in the workplace. 

It’s undeniable that AI can work more accurately than humans in some situations; however, despite the advancements in AI, robots are still robots. There are limitations that mean AI can’t 100% replace human workforces. In this article, we will take you through 20 jobs that AI won’t replace. Some of the information here has actually been obtained from the popular chatbot ChatGPT itself!

Straight from ChatGPT: Jobs that AI Can’t Replace.

Careers that won’t be replaced by AI

Before writing this article, we asked ChatGPT what jobs AI can’t replace. ChatGPT provided the 10 jobs below and the reasons AI can’t replace them, so those working these jobs or planning to shift their career path to them can be worry-free!

  1. Psychologists and therapists – AI can’t replace humans due to its limitation on being caring, empathetic, and understanding human emotions and behaviour, which are essential skills that people in this field need to have.
  2. Social workers – Working as a social worker requires empathy, relationship building and social problem-solving skills, which sometimes can be too complicated for AI.
  3. Creative careers – Jobs like writers, artists, musicians, or graphic designers require creativity and deep emotions to a certain extent, which are skills that AI can’t imitate.
  4. Teachers – Becoming a teacher involves more than educating students; it also requires the ability to convey emotions for students to perceive. Moreover, teachers must have the skills to adjust their approach to guide each student’s growth and development.
  5. Doctors and nurses – Although AI can assist in performing a diagnosis and providing preliminary treatment advice, it can’t replace human doctors and nurses in terms of critical thinking skills, which requires high accuracy as well as care and proper communication with patients.
  6. Lawyers – Careers in the law field require reasoning, persuasion, and interpretation skills; law is too complicated for AI to understand without human guidance.
  7. Customer service – This job needs humans to interact with customers directly. It requires the person to listen to the customer and deal with problems quickly and effectively, which AI can’t do like humans.
  8. Politicians – This career requires leadership, public speaking, and rational negotiation skills. Moreover, politicians must carefully solve social problems according to the majority’s needs. AI doesn’t possess these abilities like humans. 
  9. Priests – They need to have emotional intelligence, empathy, and the ability to be religious leaders. Only humans can have these qualities to get to the core of different religions.
  10. Scientists and researchers – Although AI can assist in researching and analysing data, scientific research that requires creativity, innovation, and critical thinking can only be conducted by humans.

Human abilities AI cannot replace

Jobs that AI Won’t Replace Aside from the ChatGPT List above

As you can see from the 10 jobs provided by ChatGPT above, most jobs that AI can’t replace are due to emotional factors. In addition to those jobs, we’ve identified other careers that AI is not going to replace humans in any time soon, such as:

  1. Human resources officers – AI can screen applicants for their qualifications and conduct interview questioning while evaluating interviewees’ expressions. However, delicate tasks demanding organisational problem-solving, staff support capabilities, and certain training—especially essential social skills that every employee should have—still need human HR officers.
  2. Computer system analysts – This is one of the top jobs that AI can’t replace because the more AI advances, the more computer system analysts are needed to minimise the risks and mistakes in jobs replaced by AI.
  3. Athletes – Imagine having robots running in a marathon; it wouldn’t be half as fun and exciting as watching humans competing. Being fit and nimble is unnecessary for robots as AI can be programmed and instantly activated. Therefore, AI is less effective in sports than human players.
  4. Event planners – This job requires communication skills to coordinate large groups of people. More importantly, it needs creativity in designing engaging activities. Therefore, an event planner is another career that AI definitely can’t replace.
  5. Magicians –  This job requires performing skills. Magicians need to be able to entertain and communicate with the audience. At present, only real people can perform and engage with an audience.
  6. Surgeons – As ChatGPT mentioned above, a doctor is a profession that requires accuracy and experience. Cosmetic surgeons who perform procedures to change a patient’s appearance need even more trust from their patients. Therefore, technical assessments, such as deciding the best nose shape for a patient’s face, can’t be programmed on AI as it is too risky.
  7. Chefs – Nowadays, we have robots to assist in cooking. Yet, they still can’t create new recipes on their own. Moreover, robots can’t taste the food they cook and decide if more ingredients are needed as they don’t have a sense of taste like humans.
  8. Translators and interpreters – Despite the advancement of Google Translate or language software, it can’t replace human translators and interpreters. These jobs have added complexities in communication that need interpretation, such as the context and social and cultural differences in each region. AI can’t understand these aspects of language.
  9. Entrepreneurs – Building and leading a business to success requires creativity and skills in management, risk handling, and adapting, which AI cannot yet do.
  10. Marketing experts – This position is vital as marketing experts can drive organisational success via management planning and solving marketing-related problems. However, AI can’t think as analytically in this respect as humans.



That said, while artificial intelligence (AI) has undoubtedly contributed to various professions, it should not be assumed that these machines will outperform humans in all aspects. There remain areas of work that demand emotions, intuition, creativity, delicacy, and specific expertise and knowledge – attributes that AI definitely doesn’t possess.

Nevertheless, it’s important to remember that technological progress often leaps and exceeds our expectations, so this list could change in the future. Failing to adjust to these changes or embrace technology increases the likelihood of human workers being replaced by AI.

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