Techniques for Writing First-Page-Ranking Headlines

Many SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) writers find it difficult to get people to click on their headlines and read their content, which affects their website’s ranking and prevents them from reaching the first page. And when it comes to social media content, many struggle to attract engagement, preventing them from reaching their target audiences. The problem is that most writers don’t prioritise their headline, which is the first component of their content with the potential to attract readers.  

In this blog, we share our favourite techniques for writing clickbait headlines and increasing website traffic.

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Techniques for Writing Headlines

An attractive headline entices the target audience to click and read. Therefore, it’s essential for writers to learn the best techniques for writing effective headlines.

Use Keywords

Putting keywords in the headline is a great headline-writing technique, as Google will then match the content of your website with that keyword search. Keywords also communicate the direction of your content for those who search for it. 

Try using keywords in your headline – you can use Google’s Keyword Planner to help you find keywords. These can then be used throughout your content as well to help attract your target audience.

Adjust The Length

The length of your headline can affect the reader’s decision of whether or not to read your content. Ideally, your headline should be 570-580 pixels and not over 600 pixels. Moreover, the headline should be concise and related to the content. 

Choose Your Words Carefully

Use words in your headlines that will attract the attention of poetneial readers. Concise, intriguing and emotive vocabulary such as: ‘Great’, ‘Exceptional’, ‘Need to Know’, or ‘Free!’ encourages readers to click on your headline and read your content. 

Use Numbers

Conductor Company, a well-known SEO company, has researched the behaviour of internet users and found that popular content often contains numbers in the headline, and can increase engagement by 36%. Examples of this technique include:

– 10 Techniques to Write the Perfect Headline

– 5 Methods For Writing SEO Content That Ranks

– Be A Successful Marketer in Just 3 Months

Pose A Question

Another method to draw the audience’s attention is to ask a question in your headline. Pick a question for the headline that will create intrigue and encourage the reader to click. However, ensure that the headline aligns with your content as if the answer is not in the content, it will affect the SEO ranking of that page, and the reader’s perception of your website.

Highlight Pain Points

Highlighting pain points encourages readers to click on your content. However, it should be clear that your content will solve the readers’ pain points. If executed well, your target audience will spend time on your site reading your content, and the longer they spend, the more it will benefit your ranking. 


If your target audience has an issue that your content can help solve, you should make it immediately clear in your headline. Use words such as ‘shortcut’ and ‘secret trick’ to let the reader know that your content will help them solve their problem faster. 

Make A Statement

Once you understand the needs and problems of your target audience, then you can make a statement so the reader knows what they will receive if they read your content. For example, “10 SEO Techniques To Rank on the First Page in 3 Months”. This headline makes a bold statement and leaves the reader with no doubt about the subject of the content. 

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SEO and social media content needs an attractive headline to entice the target audience to click and read; therefore, the headline is something writers should prioritise. However, if writing headlines and SEO content doesn’t come naturally to you – leave it to the experts. Primal Digital Agency has a team of highly-skilled content writers ready and waiting to take your content to the next level and boost your website traffic.