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Amongst the social media’s front runners is the social media mega giant, Facebook. Boasting 1.2 billion+ users, this social platform poses an invaluable opportunity for your company to engage with users actively looking for companies like yours. Facebook’s targeting processes allow you to target particular users who align with your distinct demographic. This means that you can ensure your Facebook marketing efforts are working at the most optimal level, maximising brand growth, leads and sales.

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Our agency is made up of some of the best in business, keeping us ahead of competitor firms and cementing us as the number one choice for Thailand brands. By teaming up with Primal Digital Marketing Agency for all your Facebook marketing and management needs, together we’ll target your Facebook advertisements using the most relevant factors. Through our vast knowledge and experience constructing targeted campaigns, we’ll determine which user traits will allow us to construct the best possible campaign for you. Some of these traits include, age, gender, location and interests, and through thorough research and analysis will determine which strategies will serve you best.

We’ll optimise your marketing campaign & maximise results

The account managers and social media marketing specialists in our firm are seasoned within the digital marketing arena, and are passionate about results. We pride ourselves on our ability to construct social media campaigns that drive revenue, and our unwavering commitment to ongoing support and maintenance. As your audience evolves and your brand does along with it, we’ll make the necessary adjustments to ensure your campaign continues driving forward.

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Choose primal to construct your campaign, and our consultants will ensure it meets your unique budget and needs. Through strategic and flexible Facebook management that maximises results we’ll help you achieve long-term success, and safeguard your campaign from failure.

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Want to find out more about how Primal can boost your company’s online performance? Let’s talk objectives and strategy. Call one of our friendly consultants now and our specialists will start constructing your company’s Facebook management campaign as soon as today.