McDonald's Campaign

McDonalds Objective drive awareness for consumers that induce re-consideration and action to re-purchase McFried chicken and become a top-of-mind option when thinking of Fried chicken. The main challenge was to figure out how to effectively present this to the audience in an impactful manner in a way that makes us stand out in the market that is dominated by one brand for Fried Chicken.


To describe the unique selling points of any product through a visual medium is very challenging, especially when it comes to food. We embarked on an ambitious project to translate into a set of captivating marketing visuals this key message: "the crispiness skin outside and juiciest meat underneath." Moreover, we also needed to differentiate this product from similar ones already in the market.

The solution we came up with was to represent the key message through sound. We managed to combine people's innate craving for golden-skinned fried chicken with captivating close-up shots and real-life audio. The visual impact was undoubtedly intensified when combined with the sound.


Ultimate Crispy Chicken

The piece was launched following the main video, focused entirely on the unique crunchy-crispy texture of McFried Chicken. The main objective here was to drive people in-store to taste the product fresh out of the oven. Hence, we developed a creative idea that encouraged people to try the chicken at their local outlet.

Ultimate Crispy Chicken

Bite Sound

This social media asset specifically promoted the crunchy-crispy texture of the product in question; while additionally tackling a second objective of the campaign: "to be the talk of the town." expressed through biting sound.


It's Still Crispy

This was a re-targeting piece placed across various social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram. It had a strong call-to-action (CTA) element, which perfectly summed up the unique selling points (USPs) of the promotion in a precise six-seconds advert.


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