The Ultimate Anti-Theft Gear Brand encountered a significant challenge. They experienced a high drop-off rate between the number of people who added products to their cart and those who actually completed a purchase. Additionally, their D-Day campaigns were not performing optimally, further exacerbating the problem.

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To address these challenges, Primal devised a strategic plan. Our focus was on optimising the D-Day campaigns to improve performance and reduce the drop-off rate. Primal introduced a new strategy by adding a “view and add to cart within 5 days” component to the campaign. This adjustment allowed the campaign to target users who not only viewed but also added products to their cart during the teasing phase. The goal was to bridge the gap between adding items to the cart and completing a purchase. Additionally, Primal decided to implement ad set level budgets, a departure from using Campaign Budget Optimisation (CBO), to ensure that the “view and add to cart within 5 days” component received adequate budget allocation for maximum performance.


With the plan in motion, Primal executed the new strategy for the Ultimate Anti-Theft Gear Brand. We integrated the "view and add to cart within 5 days" component into the D-Day campaigns, focusing on users who had shown genuine interest in the products. This approach significantly reduced the drop-off rate between users who added items to their cart and those who completed purchases. Moreover, Primal implemented ad set level budgets, carefully allocating resources to ensure that the "view and add to cart within 5 days" element received sufficient budget to maximise performance. Through these executed strategies, the Ultimate Anti-Theft Gear Brand witnessed a substantial improvement in their campaign's effectiveness and a reduction in cart abandonment rates, ultimately enhancing their sales performance.


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