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Convincing people that they need your product is only one half of a good marketing strategy – the other half is finding people who already need your product, but just don’t know it yet. AdWords combined with a PPC Management company in Bangkok is the perfect solution, allowing you to guarantee that your website will rank on a range of specific keywords for a fee. Primal will help devise a keyword list that’s relevant to your company and your customers, then will manage the campaign to deliver big results.

Dominate Baidu & Bing with Pay Per Click Services Bangkok

Speak to your audience where they are and in a language they can understand with a PPC management agency in Bangkok. Primal as an adwords agency Bangkok offers paid search marketing services through platforms allowing you access to all other search engines allowing you to access more potential prospects in the world, putting your brand on hundreds of millions of searches where purchase intent runs high. Leverage our years of search marketing and pay per click management services in Bangkok and experience and collaborate with us to create a persuasive, and eye-catching ads that will help you generate traffic, increase sales and grow your business for the short and long term.

Data-driven search
engine marketing

Ensure that your product is always front and centre on SERPs. Using not only AdWords management services in Thailand, we give businesses access to other Paid Search exposure across Bing Ads and other to enable you to advertise in other search engines. This will open up your business to all pay-per-click advertising in search engines. Our PPC professionals will manage the campaign from start to finish, delivering the results you need. Get out ahead of the competition with our ppc agency Bangkok and have your product noticed before people even land on your website. We offer full Google adwords management services in Bangkok, Thailand to push your PPC marketing efforts and get the results you want.

Stimulating AdWords
video campaigns

Give customers that crucial chance to look at videos of your product as they browse through sites in YouTube. Working with Google and Google properties such as YouTube, ensure that your campaigns get the reach and frequency it needs for your TVC or video ad. Reach relevant audiences most when they are engaging in video with minimal intrusion. Control your impression cap and utilise AdWords video campaigns to not only prospect but remarket to your website audiences.

How can a PPC campaign
grow my revenue?

A carefully crafted, well-targeted PPC campaign combined with a Pay per click agency in Bangkok can drive traffic to your site, helping you generate more leads and more conversions for a fraction of the cost of a less targeted advertising campaign. Our pay per click marketing campaigns and adwords management Thailand allow you to drill down into your demographics, targeting those most willing to buy your product. Close analysis of the market will allow us to fine-tune your strategy so that whenever someone goes looking for a product in your industry, yours is the first name that comes up.

What to expect when you choose Primal’s
pay per click services

  • More traffic, leads, sales & growth
  • Convert your most relevant customers
  • Use our database of potential buyers
  • Full transparency, no hidden fees
  • Increase revenue with our paid media experts
  • No excuses, real results that last

Best of all, you’ll know you’re working with one of Thailand’s most experienced and respected AdWords management agencies.

What our client say about us

"Primal are very professional and active. They help us with SEO/SEM campaigns. They work hard to support us in many ways and have been doing work outside our initial scope to aid our overall results. We're very happy and recommend them for SEO/SEM services."

Pattarut K.


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