Whale Print Shop faces various challenges in the competitive printing industry. One of the most significant obstacles is to stand out from the crowd and improve search engine rankings. Furthermore, the industry-specific terms may be unfamiliar to people outside the industry, making it difficult for Whale Print Shop to reach a broader audience. Additionally, they have technical problems, such as slow loading speeds and poor architecture, that impact website performance.

Our focus is in producing premium publications with international printing standard to meet various sector needs


To address these challenges, Primal developed a comprehensive keyword research and content strategy for Whale Print Shop. The strategy aims to provide informative content to the appropriate target audience. Moreover, Primal conducted a thorough SEO onsite audit that analysed the technical issues and competitors. The results of this audit provide valuable insights that can assist Whale Print Shop in improving their website’s overall performance, increasing traffic and engagement, and ultimately driving business growth.


Whale Print Shop can now execute necessary changes such as optimising website content and structure, creating informative content for their target audience, and addressing technical issues to overcome challenges and achieve their business objectives.


Increase In Organic Clicks Within 6 Months


Increase In Impressions Within 6 Months


Increase In Organic Conversions Within 6 Months

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