As a major brand, UNC presents unique challenges for its suppliers in a competitive market where many vendors offer similar products. Primal has been running campaigns for this client since 2021, and one key challenge they have faced in three years of doing so is the infrequent provision of creative assets. This limitation and the need to move beyond established yearly trends highlight the importance of innovating our campaign strategies rather than simply extending them to significantly enhance performance and effectiveness.

Healthy Bones, Healthy Life With UNC!


To achieve higher Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), Primal is strategically revising its campaign structure. The key change involves shifting from an “Engagement Message” focus to a “Sale Message” orientation. This adjustment aims to target individuals with a higher intent to purchase directly through META Messages. Understanding the nuances of this approach, the plan carefully considers the potential increase in cost per message associated with “Sale Message” strategies, which typically result in fewer but more valuable interactions.


The execution of this strategic shift involves implementing the new "Sale Message" format across our META platforms. By refining our targeting criteria, we aim to engage consumers who show a higher propensity to purchase, aligning with the client’s goal of driving sales rather than just accumulating message interactions. This approach is expected to optimise budget allocation by focusing on quality over quantity, potentially leading to an overall increase in campaign ROI despite a reduced volume of messages. This targeted strategy leverages deep insights from past performance to maximise the impact and efficiency of the client’s advertising spend.


Improvement in ROAS


Improvement in Revenue Growth


Reduction in META Cost per Purchase

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