The main challenge of our campaign was to boost sales by encouraging more meaningful interactions on TPS Rental’s website and getting more customers involved through Line messaging. Traditionally, most of their customer queries came through phone calls, and their efforts to get more leads through Line messaging did not perform as expected. The leads collected from Line did not deliver in terms of quality reflecting a better strategy was crucial to engage potential customers on this platform and turn these chats into performing leads.

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Primal devised a strategic plan to make the most of their budget by focusing on highly competitive keywords. This approach was all about connecting with the right potential customers more efficiently, making sure that the budget was spent where it could make the biggest impact. The plan included developing a detailed campaign setup and using a smart bidding strategy to maximise the most out of the budget. The goal was to not just get more contacts through Line but to also attract better quality leads that could really boost sales.


Putting the strategy into action led to major improvements across several key areas. By targeting highly competitive keywords and fine-tuning the bidding strategy within the campaign's framework, Primal boosted the amount of Line contacts significantly. Even more crucial was the improvement in the quality of these leads, which now better matched what TPS Rental was looking for. This strategic plan increased numbers and also positively impacted actual sales, proving the campaign's success in meeting its primary goals. These results highlighted the importance of using a targeted, data-led approach in digital marketing. This is especially true on platforms like Line, where the way customers interact can differ significantly from more traditional channels.


Improvement in Conversion Rate


Increase in Revenue YoY


CPA Within 5 Months

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