Tim Hortons, a world-renowned Canadian food and beverage brand, took its first leap into the South East Asian market in Bangkok, Thailand. It wanted to create a campaign to generate brand awareness in the highly competitive Thai market, where Thais knew very little about the brand and its history. The first challenge was introducing locals to the brand by exciting the market about Tim Hortons’ products, especially their hero products such as coffee and Timbits.

Despite the fierce competition in Thailand's food and beverage market, Tim Hortons will triumph thanks to its globally recognised menu, including Timbits and a wide variety of beverages, which Thai people are bound to love.



To introduce the brand to the Thai audience, we brainstormed and researched how to connect the local market to the brand. We used the brand’s core as the starting point. As a result, we discovered that Thailand and Canada have many shared values, including kindness, national sports, unique cuisine, the importance of family, diversity, and openness.


The campaign direction played on the similarities of both nations. So, in the first phase, we developed a strategy to create a bond between Thais and the brand to educate them on its values and identity. To do this, we introduced Uncle Tim, an uncle from Canada who comes to Thailand for the first time. The first content, ‘A Trip from Canada to Thailand’, was the beginning of Uncle Tim’s trip from Canada, landing in Bangkok, bringing his favourite products with him.

As his first time in Thailand, he travelled around Bangkok and started to experience Thai culture. Soon he began to connect the dots between his land, his products and Thailand. In the end, seeing the similarities and the wonderful differences, he decides to establish Tim Hortons in Bangkok.

Brand Launch

In the launch phase, we promoted the hero products for people to discover the wide range of unique items that are ready to be served at Tim Hortons. We highlighted the well known ‘Original Red Cup’ to create brand recall. The creative assets reflected the playfulness and liveliness of the brand’s Timbits, doughnuts, and other coffee items to create an enjoyable, easy-going, down-to-earth image.

Brand Showcase

After the brand launch, the creative content shifted towards a product showcase to drive people in-store. We paired the products with the audience insights we got in the previous phase to show products that would appeal to our target audiences. This meant that the content gave a strong overall picture of the wide range of products served in-store.

We also targeted other potential customer groups, including those that craved smoothies, had a sweet tooth, and enjoyed a healthy lifestyle. Our focus was mostly on females in their 20s. We created lively stop motions videos for a variety of smoothies including matcha, strawberry and mango, showing the raw ingredients to the actual product. The intention was to make the videos shareable so that the audience would share them with their friends.



Primal planned and executed a creative campaign across various social media platforms using the theme of "The journey from Canada to Bangkok" to connect the brand with its new location. In addition, we planned a media push to capture our target audience's attention to generate high awareness online.


Audience Reached In 3 Months


Growth in Followers (Highest Growth Amongst Competitors) In 3 Months


Impressions on Facebook In 3 Months

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