Primal was given a challenge to increase ROAS for The Summer Coffee in a highly competitive and promotion driven market in Shopee marketplace during the e-commerce off-season (January 2022 – April 2022) in Thailand; the KPI for the campaign was to acquire at least ROAS 5.

The Summer Coffee's goal is to offering high quality coffee to both home brewers and retailers through its endless research in sourcing and roasting.


Primal created an integrated campaign approach utilizing engagement, prospecting, cross-selling and retargeting campaigns to capture users at different parts of the funnel and increase the average order value.

Apart from requesting granular level customer lists from the client, a deep analysis on past performance was performed to identify the top performing targeting group (i.e. remarketing audience) and effectively allocated an additional separate budget to this group to ensure that the ads will reach all of the people within the remarketing audience.


Primal devised a strategy to increase online sales for the brand by launching CPAS ads via Facebook and e-commerce sites such as Shopee. This enabled the brand to connect with customers who had high purchasing potential. After launching the campaign, we were able to drive a higher Add to Cart volume, increase customer spend, and boost ROAS.


Overall Increase in Purchase Value Over 4 Months


Overall Decrease in Cost Per Purchase Over 4 Months


Overall Increase in Average Order Value Over 4 Months

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