Thavorn Palm Beach, a luxury hotel located on the picturesque Karon beach in Phuket, wanted to attract high-end foreign customers through increased online bookings and high-quality lead generation. Despite their ambitious marketing goals to boost their online presence and maximise Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), the client faced significant constraints with a very limited budget. To reach their goals with a limited budget, they needed an innovative digital marketing plan to attract and convince their target audience to book their hotel.

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To tackle these challenges, we developed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. This plan involved introducing micro-conversions at every customer interaction to gather valuable data for better decision-making. We also used value-based bidding and strategies to maximise conversion value, aiming to improve lead quality and conversion rates. Additionally, we expanded Dynamic Search Ads to capture customer demand that might be missed by keyword-specific ad groups. Our strategy had a dual focus: boosting brand awareness and improving conversion performance. We allocated budget for branded campaigns and explored new channels like the Google Display Network (GDN) and demand generation techniques.


In the execution phase, we carefully implemented the planned strategies. By integrating micro-conversions, we improved the detail and accuracy of performance data, helping us create better bidding strategies. Using value-based bidding and maximising conversion values led to better lead quality and higher conversion rates. We also expanded Dynamic Search Ads to reach more people and capture extra demand. Investing in branded campaigns and exploring new advertising channels like GDN increased brand visibility and engaged potential customers. Convincing the client to increase advertising spending by 31% allowed us to expand market reach and use search trends, Google Analytics 4 (GA4), and client insights to effectively enter new markets. This thorough approach led to more traffic, higher-quality leads, and better sales outcomes for the client.


Number of Booking Increased


Sale Increased


ROAS Increased

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