Thai Electricity, renowned for its electric bulbs and lighting solutions, was on a mission to broaden its product reach with an innovative keyword strategy in their latest renewal campaign. Their goal? To amplify traffic and skyrocket conversion rates. However, a challenges emerged in the form of their website’s sluggish performance, which became a bottleneck for customers eager to make purchases. This critical hurdle called for a strategic blend of marketing savvy and website optimisation to overcome and help Thai Electricity achieve its growth targets.

Transforming Lives with Innovative Solutions


The approach game plan involved choosing the right keywords to match the client’s broader range of products, aiming to attract more people and increase relevant visits. At the same time, understanding that a fast website is key to making sales, Primal suggested a detailed check of the client’s website speed. The goal was to find and fix any problems causing delays, making sure the website supports the client’s goals for selling and marketing.


Primal's strategic plan worked well, leading to steady growth in the client's campaign over time. By matching the keyword strategy with the client's goal to expand its product range, we helped boost website visits and customer interest for Thai electricity. The review and improvement of the website's speed fixed performance problems, making the site faster and easier for users to buy products. This approach showed that combining website improvements with smart marketing can lead to successful campaigns.


Increase in Organic Conversion


Increase in Organic New Users


Increase in Organic Clicks

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