SELFIE was a start-up company looking to capture the clear aligner market in Thailand. Primal was tasked with a ambitious goal of driving a new customers for a unknown product in the market, Impression Kits, with a significantly low Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) goal.

Spreading Happiness, One Smile at a Time


Primal Approach this with a Paid Media Strategy that includes Google Search Ads and Facebook Ads with the goal of driving a low CAC while at the same time understanding the consumer journey for a new product. Attractive Promotions combined with Influencer Boosting supported to growth of the campaign as well as adjusting the journey to drive to LINE based on consumer insight, tracking micro-conversions on Google and Install Contact Widget plug-ins on the website to fully optimise the purchase journey.


Primal planned and executed a paid media strategy to promote the client's product with the goal of achieving a low CAC while understanding the consumer journey. To achieve this, we employed Google Search Ads and Facebook Ads and implemented attractive promotions and influencer boosting to drive growth. Primal also adjusted the customer journey based on consumer insights, tracked micro-conversions on Google, and installed Contact Widget plug-ins on the website to fully optimise the purchase journey. By combining these strategies, Primal was able to create a successful campaign that not only achieved their goals but also provided valuable insights into their target market.


Revenue Increased Compared to Previous Quarter


Increased Enquiries on LINE Compared to Previous Quarter


Customer Acquisition Cost Reduced Compared to Previous Quarter


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