The Renowned Allergy Tablet Brand faced low online visibility due to their offline-focused strategy. They needed to shift towards targeting searchers seeking solutions and educate the market about their product.

One tablet can help relieve hayfever and allergy symptoms all day and is non-drowsy in the majority of users


To address the challenge of low online visibility, the brand enlisted the help of Primal. A key aspect of the planning stage was to ensure that the website’s content would be of high quality, well-written, and relevant to their target audience. Primal conducted keyword research to identify relevant topics that resonated with the searchers’ intent. These topics were then planned tobe incorporated naturally into blog posts aimed to provide valuable information and address the pain points of the audience. Additionally, Primal focused will be on optimising the website’s meta tags, including title tags, meta descriptions, and header tags, to make them search engine friendly and improve the website’s overall SEO performance.


Primal executed the plan by publishing valuable blog posts, addressing audience pain points. We optimised meta tags to improve search engine ranking, enhancing the brand's online presence and educating the market effectively.


Increase In Clicks Within 3 Months


Increase In Sessions Within 6 Months


Increase In Users Within 6 Months

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