Our client found themselves in a fiercely competitive environment, battling against well-established competitors with formidable online presences. A significant hurdle emerged as a result of the English content duplication across various country-specific paths on their website. This issue was compounded by the need to carve out a niche for their relatively new brand within the Thai market, necessitating a dual focus on overcoming SEO challenges and enhancing local brand awareness.

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Firstly, we embarked on strategic keyword research tailored to the client’s product offerings, ensuring alignment with their market positioning and consumer search behaviour. At the same time, we undertook blog keyword research aimed at driving targeted website traffic and elevating brand awareness. This was complemented by a comprehensive technical audit to identify and rectify any impediments to the website’s ranking potential, laying the groundwork for enhanced online visibility and brand recognition.


To address our research findings, we refined the website's content strategy to mitigate the issue of English content duplication, creating unique, market-specific content paths. The insights gained from our keyword research were applied to both product pages and blog content, optimising for search visibility and audience engagement. Additionally, the technical audit recommendations were implemented, resolving structural and technical barriers to improve search engine indexing and ranking. This rounded approach not only boosted the client's online presence, but significantly improved their brand awareness within the Thai market, setting a solid foundation for sustained growth and competitive advantage.


Increase in Organic Generated Lead Conversion


Increase in Organic Clicks


Increase in Organic Impressions

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