The B2B company, specialising in the production and distribution of ethylene, propylene, and biochemical products, faced a significant challenge. Their previous SEO campaign proved ineffective, primarily due to an emphasis on end-product keywords. This approach did not align with the nature of the client’s offerings, which were raw materials. Recognising the mismatch, the client aimed to revamp their SEO strategy, seeking keywords that accurately reflected their products and expanding their online presence through targeted blog content.

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The central objective was to align the SEO strategy with the client’s products and intentions. The plan involved focused keyword research, ensuring that the selected keywords directly matched the client’s raw materials. Additionally, Primal incorporated blog-focused keywords to facilitate an expansion of content and boost overall SEO performance. A tailored SEO audit was also part of the plan, aiming to address website issues that hindered ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). This planning phase set the stage for a strategic and effective execution.


Primal conducted focused keyword research, strategically selecting terms that accurately represented the client's raw materials. The addition of blog-focused keywords aimed to diversify content and increase organic traffic. Simultaneously, a customised SEO audit was implemented to address specific website issues, including JavaScript rendering and language-related challenges. These executed strategies resulted in an optimised SEO campaign that accurately reflected the client's products, boosting their online visibility and performance in the highly competitive B2B landscape.


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Increase in Organic Goal Completion

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