Initially, the campaign faced challenges as the number of purchases fluctuated between 30 to 40, and message generation hovered around 400 to 500 messages. While an initial adjustment brought improvements in sales and purchases, a subsequent plateau emerged. Despite allocating a higher budget to the message campaign, scalability limitations became apparent, with further budget increases failing to yield significant growth.

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The first step involved a restructuring of the campaign approach. Instead of maintaining separate campaigns for each ad with monthly changes, a decision was made to consolidate all message ad creatives into a single campaign. This aimed to streamline the messaging process and enhance overall campaign performance.


The second phase of optimisation involved a more comprehensive restructuring. The campaign was transformed into prospecting-engagement-message, remarketing-engagement-message, and prospecting-sale-message campaigns. This intricate restructuring aimed to refine targeting strategies and engagement approaches, optimising the campaign for better results. The execution involved a meticulous implementation of the restructured campaign formats, leveraging prospecting and remarketing techniques to enhance both message engagement and sales conversion. Through these executed strategies, the campaign was positioned for greater effectiveness and sustained growth.


Sale Increased


New Message Increased

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