Omise objective was to maximise B2B lead acquisition at the lowest CPL in a highly competitive Online Payment System industry, focusing on Google Ads as the main driver of leads.

We believe that online payment is a necessity to develop a successful business on the internet.


Primal created a semantic campaign structure, utilised RLSAs, test bidding strategies and ensured top performing keywords had maximum visibility as well as recommending A/B testing landing pages that resulted in higher conversion rates.


Primal planned and executed the SEM campaign to get better results for Omise by using a conversion-based smart bidding to improve the lost rank and being able to show ads at a higher ranking.  As a result, by obtaining more impressions and displaying the ad at higher ranks to locate quality leads, the campaign's effectiveness in generating conversions was increased.


Reduced Cost Per Lead Within 3 Months (Compared to Last Quarter)


Increase in Lead Acquisition Within 3 Months (Compared to Last Quarter)

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