Nonbiri88 provides shopping, pre-order and bidding services from Japan. They are also specialised in logistics services, shipping from Japan to Thailand. At the start, Nonbiri88 website was not well structured due to their CMS limitation. The content also quite scattered and was not optimised to be SEO-friendly. We are able to help to client built up a well-structured website that’s good to users and achieve their goals to gain more brand awareness, organic traffic and improve website rankings to be on the first page.

Shopping, pre-order and bidding services from Japan.


To transform a struggling website into a high-performing platform, Primal developed an approach centered around SEO. The approach began with a comprehensive SEO audit to identify and remove any barriers to crawling. Primal also worked to improve the website’s structure, created unique content and a blog, and built relevant links to boost search engine rankings.


Primal developed and executed a SEO strategy that includes comprehensive SEO audit to remove constraints in crawling, improving website structure, adding unique content, blog creation, link building and making the website navigation Search Engines friendly. Moreover, Primal also conduct quality keyword research that specifically matches with the client’s business which help client achieve their goals with a very strong performance growth.


Increase In New Users Within 6 Months


Increase In Users Within 6 Months


Increase In Session Within 6 Months After Onsite

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