Hanshin Neji (Thailand), a prominent Japanese fasteners company, faced a significant challenge in its online presence. Despite offering high-quality Japanese-made products, including bolts, screws, nuts, washers, pins, and various fasteners, their website did not rank for any relevant keywords. This lack of online visibility posed a considerable obstacle to reaching their target audience and potential customers.

No Neji, No Life!


The primary objective was to enhance the website’s visibility and drive more organic traffic. Primal initiated this by identifying and providing relevant keywords that had the potential to increase the website’s visibility in organic search results. These keywords would serve as a foundation for improving the website’s search engine rankings. Additionally, Primal implemented a technical onsite audit to identify and address issues, including the URLs that were not indexed on Google. This audit would ensure that the website was technically optimised to align with the chosen keywords and SEO strategies.


Primal executed the SEO strategy for Hanshin Neji (Thailand). We implemented the relevant keywords strategically throughout the website, optimising content to improve search engine visibility. This keyword integration aimed to attract more organic traffic to the website. Concurrently, Primal addressed the technical aspects by fixing the URLs that were not indexed on Google, ensuring that the website's pages were crawlable and indexable by search engines. Through these executed strategies, Hanshin Neji (Thailand) began to witness improvements in their online visibility, search engine rankings, and the influx of organic traffic. This transformation set the stage for increased engagement with their target audience and expanded market reach.


Increase in Organic Goal Completions in 4 Months


Increase in Organic Impression in 4 Months


Increase in Organic Clicks Within 4 Months

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