The Multi-Product Software Company, faced challenges in its quest for long-term growth. Despite offering innovative solutions such as Enterprise Chatbot systems and AI-based generative Chatbots, client encountered hurdles in its web search engine optimisation (SEO) efforts. The challenges included a need to attract new customers, enhance keyword rankings for improved visibility on the top page, and achieve sustained growth.

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The primary goal was to devise an SEO strategy tailored to client’s objectives. The plan encompassed on-site optimisation, focusing on refining the website for search engine algorithms. Additionally, Primal planned to produce high-quality content, ensuring relevance and value for both users and search engines. Backlink strategies were also part of the plan to enhance authority and drive improvement in new users and organic traffic. A key aspect of the planning involved directing traffic to conversion-friendly pages, aligning with the goal of driving organic conversion growth.


Primal implemented on-site optimisation measures to enhance the website's performance in search engine rankings. High-quality content creation contributed to improved user engagement and search engine visibility. Backlink strategies were deployed to strengthen the website's authority, attracting new users and organic traffic. The execution also involved directing traffic strategically to conversion-friendly pages, fostering organic conversion growth. Through these actions, Primal successfully navigated the challenges and executed a comprehensive SEO strategy, positioning the company for sustained growth and enhanced online visibility.


Increase in Organic Conversion


Increase in Search Impressions


Increase in Organic New Users

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