MonkeyEveryday, an established player in the education market, aimed to become the leading online education platform. However, they faced challenges in improving their online visibility and attracting leads to their website. Additionally, their website had undergone staging, requiring the need for SEO optimisation to ensure it was search engine friendly.

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To address these challenges, Primal, the SEO agency, developed a comprehensive plan. We provided target keywords that had the potential to bring relevant leads to the website. Additionally, Primal focused on optimising the website structure to make it more SEO-friendly. We conducted a thorough SEO audit to identify and remove any constraints in indexing and implemented server-side rendering to improve website performance. The plan also emphasised the importance of aligning content creation with keyword intent, ensuring that the keywords targeted directly at students were integrated into the content to enhance visibility.


With the plan in place, Primal executed the SEO strategy for MonkeyEveryday. We worked on optimising the website structure to ensure it aligned with SEO best practices. The comprehensive SEO audit was carried out, addressing any indexing constraints and implementing server-side rendering to enhance user experience. The content creation process focused on incorporating targeted keywords that matched the intent of potential students, increasing visibility in search results. By executing these strategies, MonkeyEveryday's website successfully improved its SEO friendliness, attracted more visibility, and positioned itself as a leading online education platform.


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