The return of the McSharing Box brought double the value and double the excitement with new menu updates. Following the success of the previous campaign, the objective now was to achieve the same, if not better, conversion results.

The main challenge was producing a marketing campaign that was different and engaging, demonstrating product innovation while also supporting the McDonald’s brand refresh.

“It's not just the deliciousness of the McSharing Box II that's hard to find anywhere else, it's the value too. The return of this cost-effective boxset will cater to McDonald's fans who love fried chicken and don't want to be restricted to just one variety. The McSharing Box II is sure to satisfy.”


The creative used to support the campaign in the second phase depicted two teams trying to show that their meal option was superior, using playful scenarios at a McDonald’s store. They then challenged one another to try their McChicken, with the first bite of the opposition’s McChicken surprising them both.

We created the #TeamMcSharing Box idea to make the McSharing Box a symbol of teamwork. To create a gathering of people who love McDonald’s deliciousness, we came up with a fun event on Facebook and Instagram, inviting fans to choose a team according to their preference: Chicsticks or McWings. We then gained further insight through social listening and analysis which allowed us to develop the next idea for the fans in both groups. The idea was for each team to invite the opposing team to try their favourite chicken menu, which in the end created one big McSharing Box team!


At the end of the campaign, we united the two sides by showing that no matter which side you are on, McChicken can be shared. We used the creative assets to reflect the positivity of open-mindedness, with the two groups teasing each other that their choice is tastier than the other, before being surprised to discover that the other option also tasted good. The call to action was to share your McSharing Box experience with others.


We had to develop a new approach to storytelling to communicate this product launch for Mcdonald's as it was a follow-up to the first McSharing Box I campaign we executed for the brand. This time, we focused our efforts on a creative approach to highlighting the two types of boxes available. A social media campaign enhanced our media plan and meant that the campaign performance quickly exceeded the targets set.


Impressions In 1 Month


Audience Reached on Facebook & Instagram In 1 Month


Sales Target Achieved In 1 Month

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