McDonald’s McShaker Fries are loved worldwide. After the success of the Salted Egg flavour, McDonald’s Thailand launched a new product with a Thai twist, the authentic Larb McShaker Fries.

Many people have fallen in love with McDonald's french fries, which are crispy on the outside and soft inside. The McShaker menu aims to build on that popularity whilst capturing the charm of Thailand with its new Larb flavour. This new menu item is sure to win the hearts of Thai consumers who are passionate about the deliciousness of McDonald's french fries.

Shake Shake

The campaign’s main video showcases the physical and emotional qualities of the product. It highlights the emotions the product produces by showing the consumer’s reaction to trying the intense flavour of the fries for the first time. By emphasising the ‘way to shake’, this piece acts as an informative video by showing the consumer how to create the fries whilst also selling the experience of trying new things. The target audience is aged 18 to late 30s, as reflected in the fun nature of the video with eccentric shaker dancing and a hint of Thainess in the sound used.


We had the opportunity to produce the key visual for this campaign. The thinking behind it was to emphasise the explosive Larb flavour while still aligning with the global creative direction.

McDonald’s revamped their global visual identity. They wanted to highlight their yellow colour to differentiate themself from others in the market who predominantly use red tones. The bright yellow colour was chosen for the powder package. We depicted exploding Thai chillies, squeezed lemons, and shaking french fries against a yellow and red stripe background to align with this. Using local wood and the atmosphere of a typical day in Thailand, we created the perfect combination for a deliciously sunny day in Thailand with a cup of Coca-Cola. The tagline for the product was “Extreme taste, Explosive Larb” to convey the intense and explosive flavour of the fries.

Way to shake — Educational

To tackle the issue of the packaging looking no different to the original product (except for the powder pack), we had to come up with a solution. The solution was to give the audience a recall asset for the product by emphasising the powder and the ‘way to shake’, plus, of course, the explosive Larb flavour.

Explosive Larb Flavour

After the first phase of introducing the product and its unique selling points, the campaign took an emotional approach by portraying a customer trying the product for the first time. At her first bite, the intense authentic Thai Larb explodes.

Have you tried it yet?

For digital marketing campaigns focused on conversion, remarketing assets are very crucial. Therefore, we produced retargeting assets across various digital platforms using audience insights from the previous phases. These insights showed that the product shots and shaking scene drew our audience’s attention the most. We created assets based on this data, taking the shaking scene and the product shots, and adapting them into various formats to suit each audience segment.


Primal developed and executed a new product launch campaign. To cause a buzz across social media platforms we created striking product visuals and key messages. To support this effort, we also drove the creation of UGC content with a blended Influencer strategy.


Impressions In 2 Months


Total Engagements on Social Channels In 2 Months


Sales Target Achieved In 2 Months

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