McDonald’s Thailand wanted to contest the fried chicken market segment where both old and new competitors had gained momentum, especially in Bangkok. McDonald’s introduced oriental-inspired products to tackle the problem, using mostly Korean flavours. One of the new menu items they introduced was McSpicy Korean Wings.

The brief was to promote this new product and gain awareness to drive offline conversions from online media.

It's not just Korean TV that's proven a hit in Thailand; Korean food culture has also taken the country by storm. That's why McDonald's developed its delicious McSpicy Korean Wings, inspired by a traditional recipe, and loved countrywide.


Phasing with three periods

Phase I — Build hype of the new product launch and gain audience attention.
Phase II — Promote the product with creative storytelling assets.
Phase III — Remarketing before the end of the campaign to boost conversions.


We produced creative content to build awareness online across all digital marketing platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Social Video

The video was used to showcase the wings being made, fresh to order, using a handcrafted, authentic secret Korean sauce recipe, unique to McDonald’s, and incomparably rich in flavour with every bite.

Flavourful Juicy Korean-style Chicken

To increase awareness of the product, we focused on producing content that highlighted its three main selling points to differentiate it from others in the market.

1) Authentic Korean Flavour
Aligning the product with Korean cuisine.

2) Secret Korean Sauce
Highlighting the freshly-cooked and handcrafted aspect of the product.

3) A Bite of Korean Flavour
Promoting the authentic Korean taste you get with every bite.

We wanted to educate the audience on the product’s concept and USPs and encourage them to try the product — because once you try it, you won’t forget it.


Primal planned and executed the launch campaign for this seasonal product by tieing Korean culture into our creative approach. The campaign led with a promotional video to present the product USPs, and supporting content was launched on social media platforms with KOL support. Through this media mix, we were able to create a buzz across social media and drive traffic to the restaurants.


Impressions In 1 Month


Audience Reached on Facebook & Instagram In 1 Month


Views on Main Promo Video In 1 Month

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