Our client faced two primary problems: high sales targets needed to be met consistently, and significant UTM tracking issues, which made measuring campaign success difficult. They needed a straightforward strategy to increase sales and improve tracking and analysis for better marketing results.

Happiness Means Everything


The approach to solving their problems would require careful budget tracking and redistribution according to performance indicators. Additional approaches included strategically reorganising campaigns to differentiate between various product brands and a comprehensive update of Responsive Search Ads (RSA) and landing pages. The goal was to improve the Quality Score (QS) and make the customer journey smoother and more appealing, encouraging potential customers to interact and make purchases.


Primal carefully implemented the planned strategies, paying close attention to budget adjustments based on performance data to ensure the most efficient use of advertising funds. By reorganising campaigns for targeted, brand-specific communication and updating Responsive Search Ads (RSAs) and landing pages, Primal was significantly able to enhance the quality score. These changes made the customer path more transparent and engaging, overcoming the initial problems. As a result, the campaign successfully achieved its high sales targets, maximised the value of purchases, and solved UTM tracking problems for precise marketing analysis and improvement.


Revenue Increased from YoY


Facebook Revenue Increased from YoY


Google Revenue Increased from YoY

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