Established since 1998 with more than 25 branches nationwide, Let’s Relax approached Primal for a consultation on how to improve their digital presence. Having been such an established, well-known brand, their approach to digital was outdated with Let’s Relax’s website requiring a critical update to its usability, speed and design.

Competitors in the space had a large share of search when it came to visibility within search engines such as Google which was the brand’s core channel for driving online bookings locally and abroad.

Thai massage is a science we are very familiar with. It's loved by the world and it should be shared. That's why we use our knowledge and expertise to provide the ultimate relaxation for our clients when they experience a massage by one of our professional masseuses.


Primal’s strategy started with understanding Let’s Relax’s digital customer and identifying core digital touch points along their journey before making an online booking. It was discovered that search marketing was their largest contributor to bookings online, and this formed our focus for the duration of the campaign.

Primal helped optimise the new website for conversions and for core target search terms, which were the key drivers of their revenue. Let’s Relax increased their share of search consequently and increased their ability to cater to their digital customer via Google Ads and an Organic Search campaign.


Primal created a new modern clean website; Created content for targeted pages; Conducted content outreach to grow quality referrals from external domains; Verified locations of spa outlets on Google My Business. Ran a concurrent PPC campaigns to supplement the long-term strategy of SEO.


of Target Keywords on Page 1
After 7 Months


Increase in Conversions
After 10 Months


Return on SEO Investment
After 11 Months

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