The Leading Wholesale Center, faced challenges following the relaunch of its new website. The post-migration phase revealed areas that needed improvement, with particular issues related to slow loading and poor core web vital scores. These challenges were inhibiting the site’s performance and user experience, necessitating strategic intervention.

Aiming to be the top B2B and B2C retailer in Asia, integrating online and offline channels, by meeting customers' daily needs through technology, innovation, and operational excellence


The primary goal was to conduct a post-migration audit to identify and rectify issues hindering the website’s performance. The plan involved guiding and eliminating specific issues that were obstructing Google bots from crawling and indexing the site effectively. Additionally, Primal strategised to focus efforts on specific categories that held the potential for significant growth, streamlining the approach for maximum impact.


Primal tackled the identified issues by eliminating barriers that hindered Google bots, ensuring smoother crawling and indexing processes. This made the website more accessible and user-friendly. Simultaneously, Primal shifted its focus to specific categories, directing efforts toward areas that promised the most growth. This strategic execution resulted in an enhanced website performance, addressing post-migration challenges and positioning client as a leading wholesale center with an optimised online presence.


Increase in Organic Conversions


Increase in Search Visibility


Increase in Organic Traffic

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