Primal was given an aggressive challenge to increase revenue growth across Singapore and Thailand in a highly competitive and promotion driven market where the brand did not want to offer discounts of promotions for their products, instead focusing on the brand story and strength. In addition, they wanted to drive more new customers (where most of their customers were already loyal to the brand) and align the brand to become a fashion brand instead of a sports brand.


Primal created an approach a full-funnel paid media strategy that included Google Search with SKAGs technique, Google Shopping Ads, Google Display Ads, Google Discovery Ads and Google Performance Max Ads with the primary focus of driving online sales. This was achieved by implementing a clear plans, transparent budget, as well as utilising audiences and deep analysing on past performance to find pain points for improvement and maximise campaign performance in driving revenue to client


Primal developed and executed a full-funnel marketing by utilising various ads channels including Google Discovery, YouTube, Google Performance Max, Google Display Network, Google Shopping, Google search, and Facebook to generate brand market presence online to create brand trust and credibility and drive online revenue with a clear strategy to promote new product launch and increase hero product online sales amongst target audience.


Overall Increase in Transactions Over 3 Months for SG and TH Markets


Overall Improvement for Conversion Rate Over 3 Months for SG and TH Markets


Overall Increase in Revenue Over 3 Months for SG and TH Markets

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