During the pandemic, this innovative shoe brand encountered major challenges in revenue growth. As home became the new hub, purchasing new shoes took a backseat in shopping lists for their target customers. Facing the tough task of drawing in new customers and retaining existing customers, the brand had to adapt swiftly. They needed to stay trendy and desirable in a world where buying habits changed overnight.

Light As Air, Ready For Everywhere!


Primal’s approach to fixing this challenge was to build a promising audience that perfectly matched the brand’s goals to win new customers and upsell to the loyal ones. We’re zeroing in on ‘purchases’ as our primary goal, a move critical for tracking revenue success. At the heart of this strategy is an intelligent balance – being cost-effective while ensuring our campaign hits the mark, especially in today’s competitive market.


Primal skillfully navigated the campaign challenges. We carefully curated a select, high-potential audience and honed in on 'purchases' as our fundamental goal, aligning perfectly with our revenue targets. While costs per result were higher, this targeted approach paid off big time, boosting traffic, revenue, and Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) significantly. This success highlighted our strategy's effectiveness, proving its value in a challenging market. Our execution clearly demonstrated our ability to adapt and flourish, even in restrictive market conditions.


Increase in Revenue YoY


Increase in No. of Orders YoY


Increase in Units Sold YoY

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