Huxley is a contemporary beauty brand that offers premium beauty solutions using high quality increases for modern skin challenges. Most of their revenue was from offline distribution where due to COVID this was severely affected.

Minimal Routine, Maximum Results


From the past set-up, Primal decided to use a dynamic carousel focusing on prospecting with a “view content” objective which was more effective in leveraging Facebook’s machine learning seeing a significant uplift in traffic and sales on Lazada.


Primal planned and executed a YouTube and Facebook Collaborative Ads campaign to use the client's VDO productions to boost visibility and boost sales on the marketplace. Primal also used marketplace marketing campaigns, such as Double Digits and Mega Sale campaigns, to help advertise in every consumer touch point with Facebook's best practises approach, which includes view content, teasing, and D-day campaign.


Reduction in CPC Vs. Past Banner Campaigns


Increase in ROAS Vs. Past Banner Campaigns

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