The advertising campaign for Hooray, milk protein brand, the client’s popular product was faced with specific challenges. The client did not provide access to their seller centers, limiting campaign optimisation based solely on actual performance data. Additionally, the quick expiration of milk protein posed difficulties in optimising ads, particularly concerning targeting strategies. Overcoming these obstacles required careful planning and innovative execution strategies.

Change for the better


Primal initiated a strategic planning phase. Recognising the limitations imposed by the lack of access to seller centers and the product’s short shelf life, we focused on building a robust remarketing pool. Our plan revolved around consistently nurturing this pool and emphasising the use of “purchases” as the primary conversion event for the remarketing audience. This approach aimed to optimise the campaign’s performance, leading to increased revenue and return on ad spend (ROAS).


Primal executed a series of actions to drive the advertising campaign for Hooray. We prioritised the construction of a strong remarketing pool, strategically leveraging the "purchases" conversion event to target the most promising audience segments. This focused approach significantly contributed to an increase in both revenue and ROAS, effectively maximising the campaign's performance despite the limitations imposed by the lack of access to the seller centers and the product's short expiration period. Through diligent execution, Primal successfully optimised the advertising campaign, demonstrating the value of tailored approach in achieving the client's objectives.


ROAS increased in Lazada


ROAS increased in Shopee


Revenue increased in E-Commerce

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