Hi-Kool Film, the car film company had the goal of generating organic traffic to their website in order to increase visibility and become a leader in their industry. Initially, their SEO strategy was ineffective, as they focused on creating content that was not SEO-friendly or optimised. This led to a lack of improvement in their rankings and positions.

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To overcome these challenges, Primal developed a strategic plan. Their focus was on optimising the company’s SEO strategy to generate quality traffic. They identified the need for meta tag optimisation, ensuring that relevant keywords were inserted to attract the right audience. Additionally, Primal addressed technical obstacles that were hindering the website’s crawlability and indexing by search engine bots. These improvements were crucial for boosting the website’s overall performance.


With the plan in place, Primal executed the SEO strategy for Hi-Kool Film company. We optimised the meta tags, strategically incorporating keywords that would attract quality traffic to the website. Additionally, Primal provided solutions to technical obstacles, making it easier for Google bots to crawl and index the website's pages. The combination of technical SEO and link-building strategies implemented by Primal resulted in significant improvements for the client. We achieved more favorable rankings and positions, leading to increased visibility and a stronger presence in the car film industry.


Increase In Keyword Ranking Within 3 Months


Increase In Goal Completions Within 3 Months


Increase In Clicks Within 3 Months

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