The Formulated Pain Relief Ointment Brand, faced several challenges. While it had a strong reputation for treating bites and stings, the brand wanted to promote another aspect of its product that many people were unaware of: its ability to relieve aches and pains. However, being a medical product, the brand had FDA limitations that required Primal to take extra precautions when generating keywords and content to avoid any compliance issues.

Experience relief from pain and itch precisely when you need it the most


Primal developed a strategic plan. The primary objective was to improve target keyword ranking and organic clicks for the Formulated Pain Relief Ointment Brand. Primal started by conducting an in-depth SEO Onsite Audit to identify and eliminate any SEO issues on the website that could be hindering its performance. Furthermore, Primal devised a powerful content strategy aimed at creating awareness among the target audience about the brand’s additional product properties, specifically its effectiveness in relieving aches and pains. Throughout the planning stage, Primal took the FDA limitations into consideration to ensure all content and keywords complied with the regulations.


Primal executed the SEO strategy for the Formulated Pain Relief Ointment Brand. We implemented the recommendations from the SEO Onsite Audit, optimising the website to improve its search engine performance. Primal also created and distributed content that highlighted the brand's pain relief properties, targeting potential customers who were seeking relief from aches and pains. Careful consideration was given to FDA regulations to ensure all content remained compliant. As a result of the execution, the Formulated Pain Relief Ointment Brand experienced improved keyword rankings, increased organic clicks, and successfully raised awareness about its pain relief capabilities, further solidifying its reputation in the market.


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Increase In Users Within 6 Months

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