The Famous Footwear Brand aimed to boost sales from users within their remarketing pool while simultaneously increasing traffic to their official store, aligning with Shopee’s total visit target. However, despite recording high product views and add-to-cart rates, the revenue generated fell short of the client’s target Gross Merchandise Value (GMV). Overcoming these challenges required a comprehensive understanding of the market landscape and strategic planning.

Buy one, give one


Recognising the importance of the remarketing pool and the primary goal of driving sales, Primal strategised to build and maintain a robust remarketing pool consistently. Our plan focused on using “purchases” as the main conversion event for the remarketing audience, aiming to optimise the campaign’s performance. This strategic approach aimed to tackle the challenge of lower revenue and target GMV.


We emphasised the construction of a strong remarketing pool, ensuring that the campaign effectively targeted users who had previously interacted with the brand. By prioritising "purchases" as the main conversion event for the remarketing audience, we strategically aimed to drive sales and increase revenue. Despite the higher cost per result, this approach resulted in a notable increase in both revenue and return on ad spend (ROAS). Through our dedicated execution, Primal successfully navigated the campaign's challenges, demonstrating the effectiveness of their tailored approach in achieving the client's objectives.


Increased in Revenue


Units Sold Increased


Orders Increased

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