Ezy Express, a newly launched logistics company, encountered significant challenges at the beginning of their digital marketing journey. The primary issue was their lack of familiarity with SEO best practices. Their website contained minimal content, which was not optimised for search engines, and their existing blog posts lacked SEO effectiveness. These factors severely limited their online visibility and search engine ranking potential, which are crucial for gaining traction and attracting clients in the competitive logistics sector.

Shipping abroad simplified with Ezy Express!


To rectify these deficiencies, Primal devised a personalised SEO strategy that addressed both technical and content-related aspects of Ezy Express’s website. The plan involved conducting comprehensive technical and content audits to identify and remedy any SEO shortcomings. This included optimising existing content, enhancing the website’s structure for better indexing, and embedding strategic keywords relevant to the logistics industry. The goal was to align the website with SEO best practices and significantly improve its search engine rankings.


The implementation of this strategic SEO plan involved detailed adjustments to the website's backend to improve its technical SEO footprint, such as enhancing site speed and mobile responsiveness. Content revisions were undertaken to optimise blog posts and web content with targeted keywords, ensuring they were both informative and search engine friendly. Within six months, these efforts culminated in achieving first-page rankings on Google for 80% of their targeted keywords. This dramatic improvement in SEO performance significantly enhanced Ezy Express’s online visibility, drawing more traffic to their site and increasing their market presence.


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