Crane Professional, a company specialising in crane training, inspection, and mechanical engineering services, faced challenges related to search visibility for B2B searchers. Despite offering valuable services, the client struggled to attract the right audience and wanted to enhance their online presence through SEO. This challenge highlighted the need for a targeted approach to improve search rankings and increase relevant traffic.

We have been entrusted by the Royal Engineering Institute of Thailand with developing the Mechanics of Lifting course


The primary goal was to conduct a strategic SEO analysis of Crane Professional’s website. This involved examining the website’s structure, content, and researching relevant keywords in the crane and lifting equipment industry. The planning phase aimed to identify key areas for improvement and develop a tailored strategy that would optimise the website for increased visibility among B2B searchers.


Primal optimising the website's structure and content based on industry-specific keywords. This execution aimed to enhance search rankings and attract a more relevant audience. As a result, Crane Professional experienced increased traffic, improved rankings, and a higher likelihood of converting potential customers. Through this well-executed SEO strategy, Primal successfully addressed the challenges and positioned Crane Professional for greater online success in the B2B market.


Increase in Organic Session


Increase in Search Visibility


Increase in New Users

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