Cape Kudu, a boutique hotel on Koh Yao Noi Island, struggled to gain visibility on Google searches. The main reason was their website’s design which was heavily image-based with minimal text – severely limiting its Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) potential. Additionally, the lack of a blog section further restricted their ability to improve their organic ranking and attract potential guests. A well-maintained blog with informative and relevant content would have been a valuable tool for engaging with visitors.

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Primal suggested Cape Kudu improve their online visibility by recommending strategic keywords with high search potential. To optimise their website for search engines, we conducted a comprehensive audit, examining both the content and technical aspects. This ensured the site adhered to the latest SEO best practices. Content marketing was essential to boost their visibility – so we also suggested incorporating a blog section. We provided detailed guidance on potential blog topics and relevant keywords that could attract more organic traffic and ultimately lead to a higher conversion rate on the hotel’s website.


During the implementation phase, we seamlessly integrated the chosen keywords into the hotel's core website pages and the new blog content. To further strengthen SEO performance, we made technical improvements, optimising the website structure and increasing the text-to-image ratio. The new blog section was populated with engaging and SEO-friendly articles targeted at potential visitors' interests. This strategy boosted the website's organic reach and user engagement. These combined efforts significantly improved Cape Kudu's Google search visibility, organic traffic flow, and conversion rates. Ultimately, this elevated the hotel's online presence and booking potential.


Increase in Organic New Users


Increase in Organic Clicks


Increase in Organic Email Contact

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