The Antifungal Medication Brand posed a unique challenge due to its classification as a medical product. This classification introduced FDA limitations that affected content optimisation, a crucial component of effective SEO. This limitation made crafting a successful campaign more challenging, as the standard content optimisation strategies had to be adapted to comply with FDA regulations. Overcoming this challenge required Primal’s innovative approach to navigate the regulatory constraints while achieving campaign success.

Liberate individuals from the unease of intimate, skin, and foot ailments


In response to the challenges, Primal devised a meticulous plan. Recognizing the FDA limitations, the focus shifted towards technical SEO optimisation to ensure the campaign’s success. Primal identified that enhancing the website’s technical aspects could significantly impact its ranking and traffic. This plan aimed to make the website more crawlable and indexable, providing a strong foundation for subsequent content optimisation. The strategy emphasised on-site technical improvements as a way to lay the groundwork for success, considering the regulatory constraints.


With the plan established, Primal executed a comprehensive technical SEO approach for the Antifungal Medication Brand. The technical optimisation efforts were geared towards making the website more accessible to search engines, which in turn led to an increase in sessions and users. Impressions and clicks also showed a steady rise, demonstrating the positive impact of the technical SEO execution. Notably, these improvements were achieved even before the addition of content, highlighting the effectiveness of the on-site implementation. Through this creative execution strategy, the campaign began to gain momentum, setting the stage for further content-driven success while adhering to FDA limitations.


Target Keywords Ranked On Page 1


Increase In Sessions Within 3 Months


Increase In New Users Within 3 Months

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