Add-Life were struggling to gain brand presence online for health and well-being treatments as the SERP was dominated by established hospitals where Add-Life wanted to become more competitive through SEO.

Add Years To Your Life, Add Life To Your Years


Add-Life engaged Primal with the main goal of acquiring search share from more established hospitals in specific anti-aging treatments and health check-ups thus Primal focused on a full funnel approach with a weighted focus on content optimization to drive more consideration and target more service-specific keywords to drive organic enquiries.


Primal provided an SEO strategy to firstly implement our onsite recommendations on the client’s website to be SEO friendly website and then expanded the visibility of the website to potential leads targeting both Thai and foreign users by using our keywords research and content development. These led to better ranking position, more traffic and engagement on the website for increase organic conversion goals.


Increase in Search Visibility Engaging Primal vs. 6M Period Before


Increase in Organic Clicks Engaging Primal vs. 6M Period Before


of Keywords on Page 1 Engaging Primal vs. 6M Period Before

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