A Leading Multi-level Marketing Company has recently changed their website and were not able to migrate the old domain history into the new domain causing the new domain to need to build authority from scratch in a highly competitive field.

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A Leading Multi-level Marketing Company engaged Primal with the task to build SEO authority for their most revenue driving product categories where Primal provided an in-depth SEO Onsite Audit and Implementation as well as building high-quality backlinks to build search visibility in a highly competitive industry.


Primal started to build the strength of the organic channel since the beginning stage of the website development as it was a launched. From conducting a website audit to content optimisation and strengthen the website with the authorised link building to support the overall domain performance. We were successful to drive an increase for the organic traffic together with a massive increase in organic sales.


of Keywords on Page 1 Within 3 Months


Increase in Pages/Session within 3 Months


Increase in Total Organic Clicks Compared to Previous 3 Months

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