Volleyball TV, renowned for its global platform dedicated to volleyball enthusiasts, faced significant challenges in establishing a strong connection with the Thai market. Despite its international acclaim, the absence of content tailored to Thai volleyball fans’ preferences and cultural nuances significantly affected Volleyball TV’s ability to engage this key demographic effectively.

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Primal developed a custom strategy for Volleyball TV, focusing on making content that appeals directly to Thai viewers. The plan was to increase interest among Thai fans by creating content that fits their tastes and cultural background. Primal suggested a strategy that involves the community for Volleyball TV’s global Facebook page, “Volleyball World”, moving away from traditional branding to focus on growing and engaging the community. This strategy includes adding interactive features and mini-games tailored for the Thai audience to boost their excitement for volleyball.


Implementing this strategy, the "Volleyball World" Facebook page introduced content and games tailored for Thai viewers. Primal successfully helped Volleyball World build a community among Thai volleyball fans by providing local content and fun mini-games. This strategy helped close the distance between Volleyball TV and its Thai audience, significantly increasing engagement. The focus on community involvement, interactivity, and cultural fit was vital in enhancing Volleyball TV's impact in Thailand, opening up new chances for growth and deeper connections with the passionate volleyball community.


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