Primal has offered an SEO strategy and optimised the website’s content and structure to increase visibility, attract more traffic, improve user experience, and gain a competitive advantage in the industry at the top of the search results. Furthermore, we also offered keyword research on the related content to gain more organic traffic by following Primal’s SEO strategies to achieve more growth than their expectations.

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Primal meticulously devised a plan. Recognising the need to enhance website traffic and improve organic conversions, Primal formulated an SEO strategy. The plan encompassed the optimisation of the website’s content and structure to increase visibility and provide a better user experience. This strategic approach aimed to propel TOPFILM Thailand to the forefront of search results, gaining a competitive advantage in the industry. In addition, Primal identified the importance of relevant keywords and offered keyword research as a key element of the planning phase, aiming to attract more organic traffic and exceed growth expectations.


Our team executed the tailored SEO strategy for TOPFILM Thailand. The website's content was optimised, ensuring that it aligned with industry keywords and user intent. The structural enhancements improved the website's visibility and user engagement, leading to increased traffic. Primal's comprehensive keyword research resulted in the integration of targeted keywords related to the content, enabling the client's website to attract more organic traffic. Through the effective execution of these strategies, Topfilm Thailand experienced exponential growth beyond their initial expectations. Their online presence was elevated, and the website became a prominent destination for clients seeking film-related services in Thailand.


Impressions Increased Within 6 Months


Sessions Increased Within 6 Months


Users Increased Within 6 Months

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